Homemade orange marmalade at Filoxenia Apartments - Kythira

Orange marmalade!

First 12 kg are ready and we keep going on...

Homemade marmalade served at Filoxenia Apartments breakfast buffet!!

blog-01This season where oranges are juicy, sweet with a wonderful aroma, grab the opportunity and make your own homemade marmalade.

At Filoxenia Apartments Hotel in Agia Pelagia – Kythira, we took advantage and prepared with love our homemade jam for our breakfasts and deserts.

We love to share the recipe with you:




Scrape oranges.

Boil oranges in a saucepan with enough water until they soften.blog-02

Leave them into clean-cool water for 5-6 hours so to get the bitterness out (you can change the water once or twice).

Cut oranges in half and remove seeds or tough white fibers, if any.

Grind oranges in multi and measure:

For 1 glass of orange pulp, add 1 glass of sugar.

Boil until the jam thickens well.

Serve in clean sterilized jars.

If not canning jam kept refrigerated for a long time.

Good Luck!!