Multi Cultural Center "Fava's Liotrivi" - Owners : Mr. Kostas Pavlakis-Mrs Εlena Protopsalti

We would like to thank our friends and partners Mr. Kostas Pavlakis and Mrs. Elena Protopsalti who offered us photographic material from their personal files in order to complete our web-site with landscapes of Kythira.

They are the owners of the multi Cultural Center “Fava’s Liotrivi” in the village of Mitata in Kythira.

Here visitors can get an idea how olive oil was produced the old years. Also, in the same area you can visit the renovated Kytherian house.

You can go for shopping to the old grocery store and choose among a big variety of local products. For those who want to learn more about Kytherian local cuisine there you will find the book “Journey to the flavors of Cythera” edited by “ Kythiropiimata”.

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Photo Art - Mr. Konstantinos Georgiadis

We would like to thank our partner and photographer Mr. Konstantinos Georgiadis.

Web-site fotovk

Mr. Georgiadis offered in pictures with landscapes and attractions of Kythira enabled us to enrich and complete our web-site.

He has been working successfully the last decade in productions such as marriages, baptisms, portraits, wild life and all kinds of social events.

His specialized knowledge of lighting and composition as well as the use of cutting-edge techniques in post-productions, allow him to catch essence of the moment.

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Newspaper Kythiraika - Mr. Emmanouel Kalligeros

We would like to thank our friend and partner Mr Emmanouel Kalligeros for his contribution in photographic material from the archive of newspaper "Kythiraika"  M&P Kalligeros.

Mr. Kalligeros since 1988 publishes the monthly newspaper Kythiraika and since 1991 the Historic and Touristic guide of Kythira realized in five languages and multiple publications up to date.

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