Position of Kythira

kithira-thesi-01Kythera is located in Southern Greece, between three seas, the Ionian, the Aegean and the Cretan.

South of Neapolis Laconia, of Cape Maleas and north of Crete, in the old days, Kythera was the crossroads of cultures and now days not a trade but a tourist destination.

Kythera geographically belong to the Ionian islands but they are administratively independent municipality under the Piraeus Prefecture.


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Nature of Kythira

kithira-nature-15The climate in Kythira is temperate Mediterranean. Many times when wind blows west, the mountainous parts of the island covers a cloud that locals call as “provetza” or “katsifara”. Usually the weather is sunny and the temperature high enough.

On the island there are many springs and water flows abundantly even in the villages. Thus, the vegetation is lush. Kythira include about 800 species of trees and shrubs. Some of the trees you will see are cedar, cypress, olive, almond, fig and pear. It also has a large variety of herbs and aromatic plants such as thyme, oregano, sage and fennel.

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