Kythira - The Island of Arts and literature

The island of Kythira has become point of reference in the art of 18th century. The masterpiece of the series of tables of Jean-Antoine Watteau, in 1717, is the “Embarkation to Kythera”. The oil painting greatly influenced the painting of the 18th century. In 1855 Charles Pierre Baudelaire published his poem “Voyage to Kythera”. In 1984 Theo Angelopoulos won the Best Screenplay Award at Cannes festival with his film “Voyage to Kythera” and the enchanting music of Eleni Karaindrou. George Katsaros composed the song “Kythera will never find them”.

The National Archaeological Museum of Athens is dedicated to the great exhibition “Shipwreck of Antikythera”.  From the depths of the sea between Kythera and Crete dredged the “Antikythera mechanism”. It is the most modern machinery of antiquity associated with sky phenomena. It is a kind of complex mechanical computer dated between 150 BC and 100 BC. From the same shipwreck was dredged the “Adolescent of Antikythera”, one of the finest bronze statues of the Hellenistic era, height 1,96 meters. The statue dated 340 B.C. and now graces the National Archaeological Museum of Athens.