Fishing in Kythira

The sea of Kythira is ideal for fishing since its large depth in conjunction with reefs, hides a large variety of fish and seafood. Either with nets, loglines, fishing rod or snorkeling you can fish bream, black spot sea bream, hull, mullet, breams, groupers, octopus, squid, lobsters and crawfish. The western side of the island is ideal for fishing since there are many reefs. Ideal ports are Limionas, Lycodimou Bay, Routsounas, Agios Nikolaos, Ochelles, Agios Lefteris and Vroulea. Also, for those who have their own boat, the areas around Hytra, Kofinidia, Feloti and Dragonares are ideal fishing spots.

Spearfish and snorkeling are prohibited through-out the East coast, from Dragonares up to Kapsali.

For more information please ask the local Port Authority.