Easter in Kythira

pasxa-01Island of Kythira is the ideal destination, especially during the spring, for those who love nature and wish to relax by enjoying the beauties of the place.The island has lush vegetation and daisies, poppies and wild-violets grow almost to the beach.

Arriving at the port, Diakofti, will smell the fragrance of the flowers and thyme, while the saltiness of the sea will revitalize your senses.



The celebration of Easter in Kythira is a unique experience. Visitors will feel the religious devotionpasxa-09 through the quaintness with which the litany of Epitaph is done on Good Friday. You can also participate in its decoration going early in the morning to the nearest church. The evening, in most villages, the locals put fire to small tins that have been previously placed along the route of the Epitaph creating so an amazing atmosphere. In Agia Pelagia the Litany of the Epitaph is by the sea, in Potamos is accompanied by the band of the village, in Chora passes between narrows streets reaching to the magnificent Venetian castle, in the monastery of Panagia Myrtidiotissa is devotional and in the graphic village of Avlemonas will walk to the small port and castello.

pasxa-14Holly Saturday you can celebrate the Resurrection in The picturesque church of Agia Pelagia, just 50 meters away from the Filoxenia Apartments. Fireworks from the inhabitants will light up the starry sky. Enjoy dinner at one of the seaside taverns, choosing between “magiritsa” a Greek traditional soup, or other dishes proposed by the owners of the restaurants.



On Easter day, enjoy the traditional feast organized by the Association of Agia Pelagia. Along the
beach, by the sea and in front of taverns, there are large pits into which lambs are roasted. Our hotel can arrange to reserve a table at the restaurant of your choice. Taste local meat, served with local wine or “raki” and have fun with the local orchestra, dancing traditional dances.




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