Hiking Kythera


Kythera lies off the southern coast of the Peloponnese and belongs to the Ionian Islands. According to the Greek mythology Kythera is the birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite. She has not only given to Kythera her beauty and loveliness, but also her ruggedness. Kythera characterizes itself through pureness, simplicity and a great diversity in nature and landscape. The ever-present peacefulness is overwhelming. Kythera has been spared by mass tourism. Even during the summer months you still will find secluded beaches on Kythera. Sitting in one of the many village squares, enjoying a Greek coffee or an ouzo, you might forget the time. If this happens, you are sure that Kythera has grabbed you.

There are sixty four villages on Kythera which are connected to each other by a good and extensive network of roads. By car is not the only way to explore however, you will discover the island more intimately on foot. A lot of unpaved paths, seemingly deserted villages, impressive gorges, flowers, herbs and wild goats make Kythira a true walking paradise. Have a look on the special walking page for further information.

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