Events in Kythira for celebrating 149 years of the unification of Ionian Islands with Greece

enosi-eptanison-03On November 14, 1863, with the Treaty of London opens the way for the reunion of the Ionian Islands to Greece.

Two days later, on November 16, 1863 British installed as King of Greece the 18 years old Danish Prince William-George Glucksburg 24/12/1845-18/03/1913.

At the same time England, pressed hard by the struggles of Eptanisians who claimed union, decided to transfer the Ionian Islands to Greece as a gesture of support intended to bolster the new King’s popularity.


On November 21, 1864 became the official integration into Greece state. With an official ceremony, later Prime Minister Thrasyvoulos Zaimis received the islands as King’s attorney.

Now days and 149 years after the union of the Ionian Islands with Greece, events wereenosi-eptanison-14 carried out in the capital of Kythira, Hora, to celebrate the anniversary.

The Liturgy at the Metropolitan church of Estavromenos in Hora was followed by a Memorial Service and wreath laying by the political and military authorities of the island.

Pupils in primary schools marched with the escort of the Philharmonic Orchestra followed by traditional dances at the village square.


We would like to thank Mrs. Tina Tamvaki & Mr. Takis Politis for their generosity in providing us with much useful photographic material.


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