Castle of Kato Chora - Mylopotamos - Kythira

kato-chora-mylopotamos-01Kato Chora of Mylopotamos, is one of the most scenic villages of the island. The well-preserved houses with their stone planters, highly remind the Venetian architecture. Due to lack of space, but also for the protection of the people from pirate raids are built next to each other, left and right of the narrow street that crosses the village.

The castle was built in 1565 in order to house 50 families of Venetian soldiers. Before the entrance of the castle, there is the old English school that was built in 1825. Next to the gate of the fort, you can admire the winged Lion of St. Mark which was a symbol of the Venetian Empire.

Walking through the narrow streets inside the castle you meet a lot of buildings with unique architecture, as well as a large number of Byzantine churches filled with murals. The fort is located in the western part of the island. From there, sunsets are magical as the sun disappears into the sea.

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