Paleochora - Kythira

palaioxora-03Paleochora, known also as Agios Dimitrios, was the Byzantine capital of the island. There, islanders had found shelter from pirates. Such is the position of the castle, that is not visible neither by land nor from the sea.

The old town was built round. Walking among the ruins of the village, you reach a point from where the view to the gorge Kakia Lagada and the high altitude are breath taking.

You will encounter the Byzantine church of Saint Barbara, built in the 13th century.

There, in 1537, pirate Barbarossa killed 7000 people. He disembarked in Kakia Lagada gorge, climbed the rocks and occupied the city. Those who survive the massacre, were sold as slaves.

Paleochora is located in the northern part of the island a few kilometers away from Potamos village. Access is easy by road.

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